Friday, October 30, 2009

The Path

The conclusion of the:

The Path is yet another game from Tale of Tales. Fans of Friday the 13th might want to sit up and take notice because they're in for another spooky romp through haunted woods. You play as one of six little girls with a variety of fashions and costumes for those who enjoy customization and rocking the latest styles.

Then there's the titular path. It is safe and brightly lit and the game tells you to stay on it. This is what my professor likes to call a "metaphor." You see, all life has a path, and we all stray from it. No matter how many times a ghost-girl has taken me by the hand and led me back to my path, I'm still addicted to crack and baconators. I've leave you with a quote from the game which says more about it than I ever could:

If I were a plant, I think I would have been a flower, just like these. Except there would only be one beautiful flower. All alone...

The Rundown:

* Indie Trendy: Non-linear meaning delivery service through the meaning network. Meaning.

* Gentle Piano Music: They also mixed in some violin to innovate the genre.

* Counter-Intuitive: People are still wondering what this game means, including the developer.

* Pretentious: Once again, this aspect is so strong I feel it deserves a write-up. If sitting in a wheel-chair in the middle of a forest reciting poetry doesn't trigger your gag reflex, this game might be for you. Also, if you ever wanted to get raped in the woods by a lumberjack.

* No Gameplay: Aside from some bitchin' flower collecting, I mean.

* Atmosphere As Gameplay: These last 2 always seem to go hand-in-hand, much like your character and the various ghosts she seems to want to hook up with.


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